“Sing Your Sadness Deep” cover reveal

One thing everyone knows about Undertow Publications is that they make gorgeous books. From Priya Sharma's 'All The Fabulous Beasts' to Mike O'Driscoll's 'The Dream Operator', Simon Strantzas' 'Nothing is Everything' to Georgina Bruce's upcoming debut collection 'This House of Wounds', Undertow's books are never less than stunning, and immense care is taken to create… Continue reading “Sing Your Sadness Deep” cover reveal


Very excited to announce that my short story '人間' ('Ningen') is available to preorder as a standalone short for Kindle, published by the excellent Darker Worlds Publishing: "Tragedy has befallen the Russian submarine, Ussuri. Without explanation, the vessel has been lost to the depths of the ocean, all hands aboard presumed lost. A team of… Continue reading 人間