Other Work & Media

Below is an index of work I’ve done outside of fiction writing, including professional wrestling journalism, and appearances I’ve made in the form of interviews and podcasts:

Pro Wrestling Articles and Interviews:

Steelchair Magazine Author Page (with links to articles)

Daily DDT Author Page (with links to articles)

Bell to Belles Author Page (with links to articles)

Diva Dirt Author Page (with links to articles and interviews)

Pro Wrestling Journal Author Page (with links to articles)


Co-edited the ‘Her Dark Voice 2’ anthology (Quantum Corsets, July 2018)


This Is Horror Interview parts 1 & 2 (recorded February 2020)

Strange Playgrounds: on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (recorded December 2019)

Strange Playgrounds: Sing Your Sadness Deep (recorded August 2019)

What The Hell Is Wrong With Us? – ‘When The Wind Blows’ (recorded June 2019)

ACEcast Pro Wrestling Podcast (recorded May 2019)

Watching RoboCop with Kit Power (recorded April 2018)

New Horror Express episode 4 (recorded April 2018)


Mark West’s Mixtape Series: Stephen King Mixtape (2018) Women in Horror Mixtape (2017) American Horror Mixtape (2016)

‘Motherhood of the Monstrous’ feature, Ginger Nuts of Horror (2017)

‘Childhood Fears’ feature, Ginger Nuts of Horror (2018)


Interview with Gwendolyn Kiste (2019)

What’s New with Simon Bestwick (2019)

Escape Room with Georgina Bruce (2019)

Interview with Kendall Reviews (2018)

Interview with Gingers Nuts of Horror (2018)

The Lowdown with Simon Bestwick (2015)