Rowan Fortune reviews On The Shoulders of Otava

Rowan Fortune has very kindly reviewed not only On The Shoulders of Otava, but also my first novella Naming the Bones, drawing comparisons between the two which I found fascinating – it’s always interesting as a writer to see the things readers glean from your work, and Rowan’s review is very insightful:

Of Naming the Bones, Rowan says:

Alessa has a narratively rewarding mix of agency and fear; her actions are propelled by desperation, but she does not merely respond to events. And Mauro’s prose is excellent at bringing out her subjectivity, forcing the reader to inhabit her perspective

And of On the Shoulders of Otava:

The prose is amongst Mauro’s finest. A third person limited account steeped in Siiri’s consciousness. There is a climatic encounter, dreamlike and visceral all at the same time, that’s both monstrous and compelling. Also noteworthy is the dialogue; there’s a continuity with Naming the Bones in this respect too: in the easy naturalness of how characters talk, the flow of insults and vulnerabilities, of defensive banalities broken by slipped confessions.

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