About Me


Most writers will tell you they’ve been writing since they were small, and I’m no exception. I started out writing poems, which graduated into awful teenage angst poems (with the requisite soujourn into Sprawling Epic Fantasy Novel territory). I started writing short stories in 2011 but never took it seriously until 2012, when my first short story was published in ‘Shadows and Tall Trees’. Since then, I’ve been what you might call a ‘serious’ writer, although I’m yet to give up my day job (it’s part of The Dream, along with the apartment in Osaka and the functioning knee joints…)

My work has previously been nominated for two British Fantasy Awards, and was recently shortlisted for a Shirley Jackson award, which – regardless of outcome – I am taking as a sign that I’m doing something right!


I was born in south east London and currently live in Essex, under extreme duress. When I’m not making things up I enjoy reading, travelling, watching wrestling, playing video games, collecting tattoos, dyeing my hair strange colours and making up nicknames for my cats.

Contact me: laura.n.mauro(at)gmail.com

Site header image credit: Freaktography @ Flickr

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