About Me


Most writers will tell you they’ve been writing since they were small, and I’m no exception. I started out writing poems, which graduated into awful teenage angst poems, which eventually grew into aborted attempts at writing a novel.

I started writing short stories in 2011 but never took it seriously until joining Absolute Write, where I was contacted by a member of the T-Party. Since then, I’ve been what you might call a ‘serious’ writer, although I’m yet to give up my day job. (Which, for anyone vaguely interested, is working as a laboratory technician for the NHS, and as a healthcare assistant for a private hospital.)

I’ve had stories published in Shadows And Tall Trees, and in Black Static. My short story “Red Rabbit” made Ellen Datlow’s longlist for Best Horror Of The Year 2014, and “When Charlie Sleeps” was reprinted as part of the “Best British Horror 2014″ anthology, edited by Johnny Mains. In September 2014 my short story “Ptichka” was published as part of “Horror Uncut: Tales Of Social Insecurity and Economic Unease”, out now from Gray Friar Press. in 2015, my short story “The Grey Men” appeared in Black Static, and “The Fragility Of Flesh” in Wild Things: Thirteen Tales of Therianthropy, from Black Shuck Books.

Also in 2015 – somewhat bafflingly – I was nominated for two British Fantasy Awards, in the categories of Best Newcomer and Best Short Story (for “Ptichka”.)

In January 2016 I was given the honour of writing the title story for NewCon Press’ “Obsidian: A Decade Of Horror Stories By Women

I live in Essex, under extreme duress, and when I’m not making things up I enjoy reading, travelling, anime, video games, collecting tattoos, dyeing my hair strange colours and making up nicknames for my cats.

Contact me: laura.n.mauro(at)gmail.com

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