My work has been published in the following places, in chronological order (oldest-newest)


“Naming the Bones” – Dark Minds Novella (Dark Minds Press) – July 2017

Short Fiction:

“Red Rabbit” – Shadows and Tall Trees #4 (Undertow Publications) – Autumn 2012 [Honourable Mention, The Best Horror of the Year Vol. 5 (Long List)]

“When Charlie Sleeps” – Black Static #37 (TTA Press) – November 2013. [This story was reprinted in Best British Horror 2014 (Salt Publishing) – May 2014]

“Ptichka” – Horror Uncut: Tales of Social Insecurity and Economic Unease (Gray Friar Press) – September 2014  [‘Best Short Story’ nominee, 2015 British Fantasy Awards]

“The Grey Men” – Black Static #45 (TTA Press) – March 2015

“The Fragility Of Flesh” – Wild Things: Thirteen Tales of Therianthropy (Black Shuck Books) – August 2015

“Obsidian” – Obsidian: A Decade Of Horror Stories By Women (NewCon Press)- January 2016

“The Looking Glass Girl” – Ten: Thou Shalt Not (Tickety Boo Press) April 2016

“Terry In The Bed By The Window” – The Black Room Manuscripts Volume Two (Sinister Horror Company) July 2016

“Strange As Angels” – Great British Horror 1: Green and Pleasant Land (Black Shuck Books) – September 2016

“Sun Dogs” – Shadows & Tall Trees vol. 7 (Undertow Publications) May 2017 [This story is due to be reprinted in Best British Horror 2018 (Newcon Press)]

“In The Marrow” – Imposter Syndrome (Dark Minds Press) – November 2017

“Looking for Laika” – Interzone #273 (TTA Press) – November 2017 [Longlisted for the BFSA Awards 2017 in the ‘Best Shorter Fiction’ category]

“Nightswimming” – Primogen: Origin of Monsters (Stitched Smile Publications) – due early 2018