Sing Your Sadness Deep is now available to pre-order!

Absolutely thrilled (and slightly terrified) to say that you can now pre-order my debut short story collection, “Sing Your Sadness Deep”, published by Undertow Publications. It’s available via Amazon, where it will be released on 6th August, and via Undertow Publications themselves, where it will be released towards the beginning of July.

The table of contents is below, and includes two brand new stories written just for this collection:

Sun Dogs (Nominated for the 2018 Shirley Jackson Awards in the ‘Novelette’ category)


Red Rabbit

Letters from Elodie

The Grey Men

Ptichka (Nominated for the 2015 British Fantasy Award for ‘Best Short Story’)

When Charlie Sleeps

In the City of Bones (New to this collection)

The Looking Glass Girl

In the Marrow

Looking for Laika (Winner of the 2018 British Fantasy Award for ‘Best Short Story’)

Strange as Angels

The Pain-Eater’s Daughter (New to this collection)


Here’s what some incredibly talented writers had to say about “Sing Your Sadness Deep”:

“Laura Mauro’s SING YOUR SADNESS DEEP is a beautiful foray into the strange and uncanny. She digs deep into the psyche of her characters, revelling in the mysteries that propel them through their confrontations with the liminal and the bizarre. A sublime and haunting debut.”

— Simon Strantzas, author of NOTHING IS EVERYTHING

“Laura Mauro does indeed sing her sadness deep, with assured melodies, strange resonances and beautiful harmonies. This is just her first collection—I can’t wait to see what she will do next.”

— Priya Sharma, author of ALL THE FABULOUS BEASTS

“Laura Mauro’s work exists in the hard space where the mythic collides with the everyday, where fairy tales transform into stories that feel modern and urgent. These are horror stories, yes—but it’s horror born from a cry for compassion and understanding. Disturbing and heartfelt, beautiful yet grotesque, they reveal strange new worlds whilst shining a light on the world we think we know.”

—Robert Shearman, author of TINY DEATHS


It’s more than a little daunting to finally see this book venture out into the world – but I sincerely hope you enjoy it, or at the very least find it interesting!


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