Reviews coming in for Sing Your Sadness Deep…

…the inimitable Des Lewis has real-time reviewed Sing Your Sadness Deep, which is always a joy. Des has a knack of unearthing previously unrealised themes and motifs, which – if you’re a seat-of-your-pants writer like I am – is a process of discovery. He also finds fascinating links between works he is reading and reviewing in parallel.

Meanwhile, Toni the Reader has said some very kind things indeed about SYSD:

“Personally, I think that love and acceptance take the center stage in many of the stories that Mauro writes. Mauro weaves love through the horror of many of the stories which such ease which says a lot about her as a writer.”

Releasing a book into the world is always a terrifying experience (for me, anyway) so to know that at least two people found value in your words is an immensely reassuring thing. Thank you to both Des and Toni for taking the time to read Sing Your Sadness Deep.

3 thoughts on “Reviews coming in for Sing Your Sadness Deep…

  1. Hi Laura
    My review of the book is posted at
    In this particular case I broke my personal rule of never reviewing books bought from my pwn pocket because the publisher considered it useless to provide me a review copy. This speaks volumes about my appreciation of your anthology

    1. Thank you Mario – I really appreciate the kind words and the effort you have gone to. You can always feel free to email me directly if ever you want a copy of anything! I would be very glad to provide it. Thank you again, and I’m so pleased you enjoyed the book!

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