Looking for Laika Artwork (& new issue of Interzone out now!)


One of my favourite things about being published by TTA Press is the artwork which accompanies the story. There’s something really special about seeing the way someone else has interpreted your story, in a vastly different art form, and I feel like Richard Wagner has captured the essence of ‘Looking for Laika’ quite beautifully here. (And as it’s my first foray into Interzone, it’s also my first full colour illustration – which is FAR more exciting to me than it probably should be.)

Interzone #273 is at press now and can be purchased via the TTA Press shop. Also, if you take out a new subscription you’ll get this issue free, which is a bargain if you ask me. (There’s a similar deal available for Black Static if horror is more your bag.) More information is available on the TTA Press website)

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