Shadows and Tall Trees 7

The new edition of Shadows and Tall Trees is now shipping, and you can order it at in both paperback and hardback (as well as eBook). It boasts an absolutely killer lineup of writers including V.H. Leslie, Robert Shearman, Steve Rasnic Tem, Alison Moore, Conrad Williams and a host of other top-notch authors.

And then there’s my story, ‘Sun Dogs’, which is as close to a love story as I have ever written, and which I hope people will enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing it. Sometimes a story comes to you fully formed, and you find yourself opening the conduit between your brain and your keyboard in order to shape that story, and I hope I’ve done it justice.

The cover art for both the hardback and paperback editions is stunning:



Both covers are courtesy of the superb Vince Haig

Cover reveal for Naming The Bones


Is there anything more exciting than the moment your book becomes Really Real? Peter Frain has done an incredible job on the cover, which draws heavily on motifs from the story. And Ray Cluley has very kindly provided a highly complimentary cover quote.

“Naming The Bones” is due to be published in July by Dark Minds Press, and will be available in both paperback and ebook format.

Naming The Bones


I’ve already crowed about this all over social media so do forgive me for continuing my crowing over here too. But! It’s big news for me. Indulge me a little longer.

My debut novella ‘Naming The Bones’ has been picked up by Dark Minds Press as part of their novella series, alongside a quartet of other excellent authors (namely, Gary Fry, Rich Hawkins, Paul M. Feeney and Benedict J Jones.) I’m terrifically excited about the whole thing, and it’s a real honour to be a part of Dark Minds’ novella line.

‘Naming The Bones’ will be published in summer 2017, in both paperback and ebook format.

because I forgot to mention it before


My short story “Terry In The Bed By The Window” will be appearing in The Black Room Manuscripts: Volume Two. All proceeds will be going to Alzheimer’s Research UK, which is bloody brilliant – I’m very proud to have been able to contribute.

(Also, while you’re here, why don’t you go check out V.H. Leslie’s very well-written and fascinating article on the many connections between women and water, from folklore to religion – you can find it here)

What I’m Up To Right Now

There’s an interview with me and the marvellous V.H. Leslie over at Grey Dog Tales for Women in Horror Month – it’s such an honour to be approached (and recommended by Nina Allan! There’s a boost for the ego.)

My short story ‘Obsidian’ was published in January as part of NewCon Press’ 10-year anniversary celebrations – the anthology is called ‘Obsidian: A Decade Of Horror Stories By Women’, and it features short stories from such illustrious names as Sarah Pinborough, Tanith Lee and Alison Littlewood for the first time in ebook format. And then there’s me, providing an original story written especially for the anthology. I’m particularly proud of this one as I got to explore Finnish folklore and culture, a subject I have a growing interest in.

And after a bit of a delay, Ten: Thou Shalt Not is finally ready for publication, so that’s another of my short stories ready to go out into the wild.