Where You Can Find Me At Fantasycon 2018 (if you want to)

Due to the often ad-hoc nature of Fantasycon I can’t guarantee I’ll be in any one place at any given time, except for those panels and so forth that I’ve signed up to do. So, I’ll list those below. But if you happen to be at Fantasycon and you’d like to say hello – please do! I tend towards the shy and slightly awkward, but I’m always happy to say hello to friends old and new!

My confirmed schedule is as follows:


The Edward:

4.30pm: The Role of Class in Science Fiction and Fantasy with Kevin McVeigh (m), Rosanne Rabinowitz, Peter Sutton, Laura Mauro, Alison Baker

The Disraeli:

8pm: Horror Readings with Catriona Ward, Kit Power, Laura Mauro



The Gladstone:

2pm: The Genre Magazine with Laurel Sills (m), Terry Jackman, Cheryl Morgan, Laura Mauro, Sandra Unerman

The Jubilee Room:

4pm: Launch: Titan Press (for New Fears 2)

5pm: Launch: Newcon Press (for Best British Horror 2018)

And of course on Sunday I will be hanging about at the British Fantasy Awards ceremony trying not to die of anxiety,.
If you’re going – hope to see you there!

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