Sing Your Sadness Deep reviewed in Japan

As some of you may know I’m a huge fan of Japan, especially Japanese fiction, so it’s especially exciting to know that my book (which is now a year old…!) is being read in Japan. The review over at Bookdog is in Japanese, and I’m excited to be able to understand most of it:


My own inexpert translation: “Each of these short stories depicts pain and sadness. Some of the protagonists accept that painfulness as part of themselves, while others cannot tolerate it and lose sight of themselves, and some protagonists cling to something beyond nature. Certainly, every story is weird (many things that are not people also appear), but they’re very human.”

I’m so pleased that people are still reading Sing Your Sadness Deep, and that it has made it all the way across the world – I’d certainly never expected that it would continue to be so well-received, but I’m very glad.


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