New article up at Pro Wrestling Journal

I wrote about the history of WWE’s women’s division, how their so-called ‘Women’s Revolution’ ignores WWE’s singularly awful track record of taking women’s wrestling seriously, and why – despite all of this – their upcoming all-women’s ‘Evolution’ event is a good thing. Check it out at Pro Wrestling Journal.

I’m old enough to remember – back when WWE was WWF, and WCW was still a thing – the days when WWE’s idea of women’s wrestling consisted almost entirely of ‘bra and panties’ matches, with the occasional pillow fight thrown in for variety’s sake. The days prior to the Attitude Era, when women could fulfil such widely varied roles as ‘valet’ and ‘love interest’; then the Attitude Era itself, where women received a dubious upgrade to in-ring action, provided the action involved clothes being ripped off, or perhaps gravy, if they really wanted to push the boat out. I was an adolescent girl otherwise completely drawn in to wrestling, and yet even at that age I knew there was something egregious about the way WWE’s women were portrayed. I didn’t know that, in Japan, an entirely different kind of women’s wrestling existed, where women were taken seriously as competitors; I only knew that, in WWE, the criteria for a spot in the women’s division had nothing to do with wrestling ability, and everything to do with looking good in a bikini.

One thought on “New article up at Pro Wrestling Journal

  1. I find it amusing that those who rail against Feminists fail to see that it is they themselves who have created a Feminist Factory with these very behaviors. Those of us who are content to be otherwise lazy, have found new energy to spend in all the right and vocal places! Good for you!

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