Fantasycon 2017 – my schedule

Not my entire schedule – I’m not that well organised (and my Fantasycon experience is that no matter how well organised you are, your plans WILL fall by the wayside!) But I am scheduled for a reading and a panel, and the details of those are below:


Saturday 11am – Sandringham Reading Room

Weird Fiction readings by myself, Tracy Fahey and Tim Major. I will be reading from my first published short story, “Red Rabbit”, which was published in Shadows & Tall Trees in  2012.


Saturday 7pm – FitzWilliam Panel Room 1

Women in Horror panel moderated by the venerable Theresa Derwin, and featuring Tracy Fahey and guest of honour Nancy Kilpatrick (and me!) It promises to be a very interesting panel indeed.


The rest of the time I will be wandering (with the lesser-spotted Mr. Mauro in tow) looking a bit lost, trying to put names to faces (which I am notoriously bad at) and hopefully nattering to lots of nice people. Please do say hello if you spot me!

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