The Motherhood of the Monstrous

Ginger Nuts of Horror have been running an excellent feature throughout Women in Horror Month and I’m delighted that Jim McLeod and co have decided to make it a permanent feature. ‘The Motherhood of the Monstrous’ has thus far showcased a bevy of talented female horror writers, past and present, and I have no doubt that GNOH will continue to curate excellent content the rest of the year as well.

I participated in the feature during February and discussed my hero Tove Jansson, as well as Cate Gardner, whom I fervently believe is a star in the making (and, in fact, a star already made in some corners of the horror community). I was also fortunate enough to have been picked out for discussion by both V.H. Leslie and Thana Niveau, two individuals of immense talent, who have been very generous with their kind words. They also discuss Angela Carter and Shirley Jackson, two absolutely vital authors whose work I love and admire.


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