fantasycon & the onion of joy

Fantasycon is almost upon us, and as I frantically attempt to get my game face on, I realise I’ve not amassed any kind of a schedule or plan as to where I’ll be at any given time. The only place I’m guaranteed to be is at the launch for Great British Horror 1: Green and Pleasant Land, which is on Saturday at 1pm.

The rest of the time I will likely be wandering around, possibly confused, almost certainly staring vacantly at the walls. Do not be alarmed. This is my natural state. Come and say hello if you like, I am a gentle sort.

Outside of Fantasycon, I am embarking on a small Twitter-based project: The Good News Onion, in which I post good news & inspirational stories from around the world. There is altogether too much negative news in circulation, and I genuinely believe it contributes to anxiety, depression and a general sense of malaise with the world as it is today. But I also believe that the world is a fundamentally good place: so, the Good News Onion, which is a means of trying to prove that not everything is terrible. You can follow me at @onionofjoy.

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