Horror Uncut is almost upon us….

…which is quite splendid because my short story ‘Ptichka’ will be appearing in it. The full title is Horror Uncut: Tales of Social Insecurity and Economic Uneaseedited by the late, great Joel Lane and Tom Johnstone. The table of contents is pretty impressive – I’m in esteemed company, including fellow T-Party member Rosanne Rabinowitz with a cracking story:

  1. Joel Lane – ‘A Cry for Help’

  2. Simon Bestwick – ‘The Battering Stone’

  3. Priya Sharma – ‘The Ballad of Boomtown’

  4. John Llewellyn Probert – ‘The Lucky Ones’

  5. Stephen Hampton – ‘The Sun Trap’

  6. Gary McMahon – ‘Only Bleeding’

  7. Anna Taborska – ‘The Lemmy / Trump Test’

  8. John Howard – ‘Falling into Stone’

  9. Laura Mauro – ‘Ptichka’

  10. Stephen Bacon – ‘The Devil’s Only Friend’

  11. David Williamson – ‘The Procedure’

  12. Rosanne Rabinowitz – ‘Pieces of Ourselves’

  13. John Forth – ‘A Simple Matter of Space’

  14. David Turnbull – ‘The Privilege Card’

  15. Alison Littlewood – ‘The Ghost at the Feast’

  16. Andrew Hook – ‘The Opaque District’

  17. Thana Niveau – ‘No History of Violence’


It’s due for release sometime very soon, so watch this space for more information!

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