It’s Cliffmas Time

’tis the season, and my good friend Holly has put together a series of podcast episodes exploring popular Christmas songs, and just how their popularity has endured over the years. So if you’d like to hear the story of how Cliff Richard became an unlikely medical laboratory icon, check out my appearence on Holly’s podcast and all will be revealed.


I’ve sinced moved on from lab technician life, but I’ll always think fondly of the decommissioned fume cupboard grotto at this time of year. Merry Cliffmas indeed.


A Podcast Bonanza

Apparently podcasts are my thing now, because this week there are two podcasts out featuring my dulcet Bermondsey tones.

First off, I make an appearance on Kit Power’s “Watching RoboCop with Kit Power” podcast, which is exactly what it says on the tin – we watch RoboCop, we discuss the joys of stop motion, Peter Weller’s cheekbones, dodgy 80’s sartorial decisions, RoboCop as a fetish object, toilet cameras and professional mimes. It was great fun to record and Kit is an excellent bloke.

And then there’s the latest episode of “New Horror Express”, which is a double bill featuring interviews with myself and fellow horror/weird fiction scribe Kristi DeMeester. In this episode I talk about my novella ‘Naming the Bones’ and the things which inspired it, the ‘genre fiction ghetto’, gateway drugs into horror fiction and mental health. It’s worth a listen not least because of Kristi DeMeester’s interview, which is a fascinating look into the inspiration behind and writing of her novel ‘Beneath’, and the projects she’s currently working on.