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I did it. I gave in. The hype was too strong.

I am currently reading “A Game Of Thrones”, recommended to me by approximately a zillion people. I was wary, because when I see High Fantasy my expectations are usually of Tolkienesque, ‘orcs-and-elves’-type shenanigans. And although I love fantasy as a genre, for some reason I’m faintly allergic to all that – it’s the reason I can’t quite bring myself to play Skyrim even though it’s ridiculously beautiful, and as an RPG nerd I’ll probably adore it. I just have an aversion to elves, I suppose. (Hello, my name is Laura and I am Elvist.)

Anyway, thankfully, “A Game Of Thrones” foregoes the twee Tolkienesque tropes I’d feared and replaces them with incest, death, betrayal, sex, more death and a smidge more incest. Which I suppose is a fair trade. (Admittedly, what with all the hype, I’d expected more in the way of free-range penises but it’s only the first book.)

According to my Kindle, I’m halfway through, and already I want to kick Prince Joffrey in the teeth. One thing I have to hand to George R.R. Martin is that he knows how to write a good female character – and they’re not all cut from the same cloth either, which is a good sign. Even ostensibly ‘villainous’ characters (I use inverted commas because frankly almost everyone’s a little villainous) such as Cersei are well crafted, and too intriguing to be completely detestable. We’ll see how I feel about them all by the end, and whether I still feel like shoving Joffrey off a cliff.

Other recent reads listed below – reviews quite possibly to follow:

Attack On Titan vol.1-6 – Hajime Isayama

Last To Rise – Francis Knight

A Matter Of Blood – Sarah Pinborough

Tomie – Junji Ito

The Lies Of Locke Lamora – Scott Lynch

Red Seas Under Red Skies – Scott Lynch

The Cipher – Kathe Koja

Hello seems like a good place to begin

Hello! This is the blog of London-based writer, reader and idiot Laura Mauro, who should be writing but has discovered that trying to work around the arcane mechanisms of WordPress is a truly excellent way to procrastinate.

I’ve been writing since I was very young, but I only really began to take writing seriously in 2012, when I joined the T-Party – a writer’s collective based in London. Somehow, it’d escaped my attention that you could write short fiction and actually have it published in places. Sometimes for money!

My first ever published short story, Red Rabbit, appeared in the Autumn 2012 edition of Shadows And Tall Trees:


Which was followed by When Charlie Sleeps, published in issue 37 of Black Static:


….which has been picked to appear in Best British Horror 2014, due in April from Salt Publishing and edited by Johnny Mains.

And my short story Ptichka will be appearing in Horror Uncut: Tales of Austerity, date TBA.

So I’ve made an okay start, all things considered. At present, I’m attempting to start a novel. This sounds simple enough but I have a very bad track record of starting novels and never actually finishing them, so it’s as much an exercise in discipline as anything else. On which note, I should be writing instead of blogging.