“Sing Your Sadness Deep” cover reveal

One thing everyone knows about Undertow Publications is that they make gorgeous books. From Priya Sharma’s ‘All The Fabulous Beasts‘ to Mike O’Driscoll’s ‘The Dream Operator‘, Simon Strantzas’ ‘Nothing is Everything‘ to Georgina Bruce’s upcoming debut collection ‘This House of Wounds‘, Undertow’s books are never less than stunning, and immense care is taken to create books which are works of art, both outside and in. So I’m very pleased to be able to show you the cover to my own debut short story collection, due in September 2019:


The art is by Stephen Mackey, whose work is absolutely sublime, and the cover design by Vince Haig – I’ve always harboured a quiet ambition to have a Vince Haig design accompany one of my stories, so as you can imagine I’m very pleased about this! Also, as anyone who knows me will know, I adore foxes, so a creepy fox-woman feels very ‘on brand’ for me.

I’m deeply grateful to the Undertow team and Vince Haig for this amazing cover, and I’m really excited to share the collection with you all in 2019!

It’s Cliffmas Time

’tis the season, and my good friend Holly has put together a series of podcast episodes exploring popular Christmas songs, and just how their popularity has endured over the years. So if you’d like to hear the story of how Cliff Richard became an unlikely medical laboratory icon, check out my appearence on Holly’s podcast and all will be revealed.


I’ve sinced moved on from lab technician life, but I’ll always think fondly of the decommissioned fume cupboard grotto at this time of year. Merry Cliffmas indeed.