Short Story Collection with Undertow Publications

Just when I needed something to look forward to – what fortuitous timing. This is going to be an incredible collection.

priya sharma fiction

I am delighted that Mike Kelly at Undertow Publications (“purveyors of the finest weird fiction and strange tales”) is publishing my short story anthology in March 2018.

You can find more details at Undertow Publications.

Beautiful books by Undertow:

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Know Your Rights

In this time of political upheavel, the resurgence of nazism and the clamping down of free speech, I find myself listening to The Clash and reminding myself that this stuff is cylical. ‘Know Your Rights’ is older than I am, yet more relevant than ever:

As artists, writers, musicians, we have a unique opportunity to speak the truth and make our voices heard. Art can be a powerful resistance; let’s not underestimate the power we have, and let’s use it to our fullest ability. We do not have to let them win.