a brief word on fantasycon


I’m not going to do a long post naming names and all that like I did last year – partly for fear of forgetting people, and partly because I’m still zonked and energy is a precious commodity (but you all know who you are, I hope!)

Suffice to say, Fantasycon by the Sea was a wonderful three days spent in the company of clever, talented, hardworking, accommodating, supportive, friendly, [insert gushing adjective here] people. I spent time nattering with (or probably at – sorry!) familiar faces and said hello to a host of brilliant new people. I am honoured to call them my peers, and in some lucky cases, my friends. (And I thank all of them for not laughing at my ludicrous hobbling.)

I will mention two names: firstly, Paul Feeney, who sadly did not attend, but without whose kindness and generosity I might not have made the event. Thank you, Paul, you are a total gentleman. And the British Fantasy Award-winning Priya Sharma, whose success is really the cherry on the cake, the highlight of an already fantastic weekend – there is honestly no more deserving, talented and wonderful individual, and I’m overjoyed to see her get the recognition she deserves.

Thanks for the smiles, the laughs, the riveting conversations. Thanks for accommodating me and my nervous hurricane of constant verbal nonsense. Thanks for everything.

fantasycon & the onion of joy

Fantasycon is almost upon us, and as I frantically attempt to get my game face on, I realise I’ve not amassed any kind of a schedule or plan as to where I’ll be at any given time. The only place I’m guaranteed to be is at the launch for Great British Horror 1: Green and Pleasant Land, which is on Saturday at 1pm.

The rest of the time I will likely be wandering around, possibly confused, almost certainly staring vacantly at the walls. Do not be alarmed. This is my natural state. Come and say hello if you like, I am a gentle sort.

Outside of Fantasycon, I am embarking on a small Twitter-based project: The Good News Onion, in which I post good news & inspirational stories from around the world. There is altogether too much negative news in circulation, and I genuinely believe it contributes to anxiety, depression and a general sense of malaise with the world as it is today. But I also believe that the world is a fundamentally good place: so, the Good News Onion, which is a means of trying to prove that not everything is terrible. You can follow me at @onionofjoy.